The Things That Are Completely Bizarre Except Some Specific Countries

10. The Ridiculously Large Size Of American Soft Drinks


The sheer amount of carbonated beverages that we drink. I’ve never been to a country where this is a normal standard amount of sugar. Even when I was in Europe, none of the soft drinks were ever this big, this is a purely American thing. And probably for the best, because nobody needs 44oz of coke.

11. In Russia, We Have 2 Passports

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One is for internal use, which is basically an ID card for most countries. But here in Russia, we have many pages of information about our citizens, like who your children are, where are you living, and other things like that. The second passport is an international, Russian Federation passport. And not every Russian has it, you need to pay about $60 to $70 to get one. And all my visas are stored here.

12. In Sweden, You Can Google A Lot About A Person, Like Their Address, What Car They Drive, How Much They Earn


In Sweden, you can just type in the name of the person on Google. The results will come up, his full name, date of birth, where he lives, what car he drives, how much he earns, everything. It’s free for everyone to just check, I think that’s very unnatural

13. I’m From Papua New Guinea, And It’s Chewing Betel Nut


If you ever visited, you might be surprised to see so many people with red-stained mouths. Well, it’s from chewing betel nut. It’s a social practice that every Papua New Guinean does. From the elders to the young ones. And there are 2 ways to chew betel nut. You can just crack open the green nut and chew the flesh regularly, or you can dip the dake, which is the green stem, into the kambang, which is a white powder, to produce a red paste in your mouth. And basically, this is a drug, it’s a stimulant, it’s like coffee, it gives you a burst of energy, people usually chew this in the mornings.

14. In Argentina, When You Graduate University Your Friends And Family Attack You With Food And Paint

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In Argentina, when you graduate university your friends and family attack you with eggs, flour, contiments, oil, food in general, paint, foam, anything. And they just drench you in head to toe as a celebration. The way it works is you let everyone know when your final exam is, and if you pass, you change into comfy clothes and everyone gathers around you and throws stuff at you. In the past few years it has changed from food to paint, foam, confetti, as to not waste food, but a lot of people still do the food thing. So you go with a carton of eggs and just whack them at the person who graduated.

15. In Brasil, We Are Very Obsesive About Oral Hygene


It’s very common to see a Brazilian brushing their teeth or flossing in a public bathroom or workplace bathroom. We also take multiple showers a day, usually 2 or 3 showers. And we eat pizza with a fork and a knife, I don’t really know of any other country that does this, I’m sure there are, but we eat pizzas with a fork and a knife.

16. Toilet Bidet Sprayer In Iran


17. Swedish Cheese Slicer

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