40 People Who Are Completely Failed To Choose Anti-Coronavirus Masks

Masks have occupied more and more place in our lives since the beginning of the pandemic. It is obvious that anti-coronavirus masks are indispensable for our health. But some people might have some interesting choices in terms of masks. Here are 40 people who are completely failed to choose anti-coronavirus masks.

1. A Stranger Took A Picture Of Me Wearing The Proper PPE For A Trip To Walmart For Just The Essentials

anti-coronavirus masksSweetbadger

2. Remember, It Has To Be With Wings


3. Quarantine Fun With Mom! Only Masks Available On-Line


4. When My Daughter Has No Face Mask To Go Outside But Says “Don’t Worry Dad, I Got This!”

anti-coronavirus maskscloses52

5. As Seen In A Supermarket In Quebec


6. This Guy Didn’t Have A Mask, So He Came To The Orthopedist As A Polar Bear

anti-coronavirus masksstaceyjg314

7. Now I Can’t Touch My Face


8. Protected


9. Corona Protection

anti-coronavirus masksLinkanXD

10. Covid Drip