If You Have One Of These 16 Jobs, Beware: You Could Get These Bizarre Injuries

Tailor’s Bunion

This is a common injury for tailors putting heavy pressure on the small toe that is usually caused by sitting cross-legged in the floor.

Bizarre Injuries

Clergyman’s Knee

As the clergyman always knees, they put too much pressure on knee that caused inflammation of infrapatellar bursa. In medical terms, this is addressed as infrapatellar bursitis.

Bizarre Injuries

Painter’s Colic

In some time ago, lead paint is not banned for use. This involves lead poisoning that causes severe intestinal pain for painters that used the material.

Bizarre Injuries

Mad Hatter’s Disease

Years ago, the artisans are using mercury compound in making hats. Overexposure to this ingredient can cause serious physical and psychological problems. The character made by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland was drew consequent to “The Mad Hatter”

Bizarre Injuries

Fiddler’s Neck or Violin Hickey

The appearance of rashes or redness of skin due to the friction or pressure where the violin the violin or fiddle in placed on chin, collarbone and neck.

Bizarre Injuries

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