40 Funny Pics From Birthdays That Went Wrong

31. The USPS Cares. About Stealing Your Birthday Money Sent From Your Poor Grandmother


32. This Was My Dad’s Boat On Our 2nd Time Out After Buying It. It Was Also On My Birthday


33. Homeless On My Birthday And Out Of Gas. Such Is Life I Guess


34. My Mom Wanted To Surprise Me With A Delivery Of My Favorite Pizza & Ice Cream From Ohio To LA For My Birthday. UPS Lost The Package For 2 Days And Delivered On The 3rd – Refused Refund


35. Birthday Gift From My Family To My Introverted Self So I’ll Have “Someone To Talk To”


36. I Tested Positive For Covid-19 On My Birthday


37. One Of My Dogs Decided The Best Way To Start My Birthday Was To Get Sprayed By A Skunk Right Before We Went To Bed And Now Our Whole House Smells Like Skunk


38. My Little Brother Had His Appendix Removed On His 11th Birthday


39. Today Is My Birthday And This Is What Should Have Become My Cake


40. At My 30th Birthday, One Of My Friends Dropped His Phone On The Cake. One Of My Best Memory And One Of His Worst