40 Funny Pics From Birthdays That Went Wrong

21. When You Get A Cake For Your Birthday And You’re Older Brother Eats It Before You Celebrate Your Birthday


22. Absolutly No One Remembered My Birthday Except Another Person Who Has The Same Birthday As Me And Gave Me A Pen


23. Well, That’s Annoying


24. It’s My Birthday. I’m In The Hospital And They Don’t Know What’s Wrong


25. Turned 26 Today, Contact Fell Out While Walking Into Work, Tried To Rub My Eye To Help The Irritation While Looking Down, And Walked Into A Brick Wall. Happy Birthday To Me


26. Had To Have Emergency Surgery To Get My Appendix Removed This Morning. Oh And It’s My Birthday


27. My Mom Made Me A Pan Of Brownies For My Birthday, And My Son Insisted On To Carrying Them On The Way Home


28. Happy Birthday, Hope You Didn’t Want A Cake


29. My Mom Ordered A TV (Delivered By FedEx) For Me For My Birthday. We Just Opened It Up To Turn It On And…


30. Decided To Work On My Birthday Today, Was Going To Leave Early But Instead 3 People Called Out So Here I Am 12 And A Half Hours In And Still Going. Happy Birthday To Me