The Best Holidays Destinations For Your Zodiac Sign


This balanced charmer loves to mingle and will be comfortable anywhere with a thriving social scene. Romantics at heart, they will be able to dream to their heart’s content in the cities of France, Turkey, Thailand, or Spain.

7 Libra - The Scales


Passionate Scorpio loves and mystery. She’ll find it in the exotic climes of Cuba, Egypt, Rome, or the eerie streets of New Orleans. Being a secret romantic, Scorpions will also be attracted to Venice or the City of Lights, Paris.

Scorpio - The Scorpion


The true explorers of the twelve signs, Sagittarians love a place they can explore deeply. Adventurous but also lovers of knowledge, places that let them combine adventure and learning willbe perfect locations. Spain, Budapest, Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa, Prague, Mexico , and Kenya will fulfill their nomadic yearnings.

Sagittarius - The Archer


The goats love a challenge-and plan well for it. For a well-planned, leisure-filled holiday Capricorns should head to Thailand, Fiji, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa, where there will be plenty of time and (well-planned) opportunity for them to relax and enjoy themselves.

Capricorn - The Goat


Independent and unconventional, Aquarians should head to offbeat destinations where they can explore and backpack away from crowds of tourists. They should take roads less traveled in Cambodia, Iceland, Sweden, Cuba, Germany, and Peru where they can experience the offbeat and unexplored.

Aquarius - The Water Bearer


Beautiful and romantic places that wear their art on their sleeve will attract this dreamy romantic. Venice, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome, Japan, Casablanca, and Monaco will satisfy their love for beauty and let them experience the romantic holiday they’ve always dreamed about.

Pisces - The Fish