The Best Holidays Destinations For Your Zodiac Sign

Now that winter is approaching, it’s time to think about making some holiday plans. But not all holiday plans are created equal for the signs of the zodiac- a water loving Aquarius needs fun on the beach while a huge urban party or festival will suit a fun-loving, in the thick of it Leo. Plan a holiday that delight and dazzle the particular characteristics of your sign.


This energetic adventurer can’t sit still-and needs a holiday that will keep her moving. Exploring and adventure sports will keep them busy; head to Argentina, New Zealand or its bigger neighbor Australia, Dubai, South Africa or Peru for plenty of exciting, adrenalin-inducing activities to keep them busy.

Aries -The Ram


Those born under the sign of the bull tend to be culture vultures and need to head to cities with enough art, food, theater and architecture to keep them happy. Cities steeped in culture such as Dublin, Paris, Florence, Barcelona and Prague should feed both body and soul and satisfy their artistic tendencies.

Taurus - The Bull


The extroverted twins needs a vibrant social scene to make them happy. Cities that offer a hip happening nightlife scene will be the perfect getaway. The twins should head to urban hotspots like San Francisco, New York, London, and Hong Kong, where they can hobnob with local partygoers.

Gemini - The Twins


The food-lovers of the zodiac, Cancerians are epicurious by nature and can be found in locations with delicious ethnic cuisine. They are also water-lovers, so anywhere with beautiful beaches, rivers, or waterfalls and good food is a safe bet for a holiday. Greece, Rome, the Caribbean or Maldives, or Thailand are good choices. Closer to home, Florida, California, or Mexico will offer aquatic beauty and great food, too.

Cancer - The Crab


The lion loves the glamorous life; cities full of bling like Paris, New York, Milan, Capri, or Geneva will offer four-star service, rich surroundings, and a chance to rub shoulders with the well-heeled. A chance to indulge and be extravagant in the shops and on the streets will be the best vacation they could ask for.

Leo - The Lion


This sign loves a plan. They love making lists and learning interesting facts about the places they visit and will always have a well-read guidebook ready to go. A place rich in history and culture will fill their need for information. Places like Egypt, Greece, Madrid, Berlin, or Rome with their ancient history and fact-filled locations will give them plenty to write down in their journals and will keep them busy learning while they are there.

Virgo - The Virgin