30 Pics Of Bad Landlords Neglected Their Tenants

21. Landlord Fitted A Shower Head Holder, Perfect For When I Finish My Shift At The Chocolate Factory


22. Our Landlord Fixed Our Deck

bad landlordsdanger_is_fat

23. Our Landlord Installed The Locks To Our Front Door Backwards


24. I Told My Landlord To Fix The Leak In The Ceiling. She Ignored Me


25. My Landlord Said There Was A Pool, He Failed To Mention It Is Closed. Forever


26. Landlord Hung The Microwave, This Is As Far As It Opens Before Hitting The Wall


27. My “Oh So Awesome” Landlord Quit Cleaning My Pool Cause Kids Who Weren’t Living Here Were Playing In It


28. We Asked Our Landlord For A Bigger Table. He Built Us This


29. The Landlord Decided To Get Rid Of This Tree For No Reason, Additionally Killing Newborn Birds In The Process

bad landlordsDarkcomer96

30. My Landlord Promised To “Redo The Bathroom Floors.” This Was The Result