30 Pics Of Bad Landlords Neglected Their Tenants

11. Landlord Charges Residents To Use The Elevator

bad landlordsMeGusta1110

12. My Landlord Is Super Serious About Fire Safety

bad landlordsDeuceActual

13. Landlord Responded Right Away When I Sent Him The Second Pic


14. Told My Landlord That There Was A Drip Coming From My Ceiling About Two Weeks Ago. They Did Nothing About It And I Woke Up To This This Morning


15. My Ceiling Caved In And The Landlord Said They Won’t Fix It Until It Rains Again And They Can Find The Leak


16. Landlord Promised To Install A Cat Flap In Our Back Door After Some Security Issues. Came Home To This


17. Landlord Ignored Me For Two Months About My Sparking Outlet, Got Worried About A Fire And Did It Myself And I Find This

bad landlords_ilovetofu_

18. Welcome To Renting In London! My Landlord Has Just Put Our Thermostat In A Cage

bad landlords


19. Each Time We Ask Our Landlord To Fix The Shower They Just Add A New Nozzle

bad landlordsTheFoolman

20. My Friend Asked Me If This Message From Her 53-Year-Old Landlord Was Creepy

bad landlordsvocatus