30 Brutal Comebacks, These People Deserved To Get ‘Destroyed’ In The Comments

The subreddit “Murdered By Words” is dedicated to sharing brutal comebacks to people who deserved by getting ‘destroyed’ in the comments.

Here are our previous comebacks posts.

1. F***ing Dumb Is An Understatement

brutal comebacksbeerbellybegone

2. Satanists Just Don’t Acknowledge Religions


3. Murdered And Exposed And Torn Asunder…

brutal comebacksIshihado

4. Deserved It


5. See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

brutal comebacksbeerbellybegone

6. Say Her Name


7. What Did You Do?

brutal comebackschiragtutlani

8. Science Is Hard


9. Pot, Meet Kettle

brutal comebacksbeerbellybegone

10. The Call Is Coming From Inside The House