People Are Sharing Pics Of The Annoying Things

21. Jerks That Cut In Line

Annoying Things 0ldBookGlue

22. This Tape Is Dead To Me

Annoying Things SpacemanSpiff958

23. The Fact That We’re Expected To Read These Before Ticking “Yes, I’ve Read And Accept The Terms And Conditions”

Annoying Things moldy-voldy

24. When The Fabric Gets Stuck Inside Your Zipper


25. How Did You Get Hired?


26. Why Can’t They Design Their Cables Better?


27. Oh, I Have Too Many E-Mails In My Inbox? Why Don’t You Send Me An E-Mail About It Everyday


28. This Pistachio Eating A**hole


29. When You Tear Exactly Where It Says To, But The Bag Remains Sealed

30. “I Guess I’ll Just Buy Another Thing To Knock Down The Candy B….”