People Are Sharing Pics Of The Annoying Things

11. I Work In A Kitchen. You Have No Idea How Many People Say ‘You Look Like The Guy From Ratatouille’. Every Damn Minute

Annoying Things zombi3123

12. People Who Whore Out Unsuspecting Relatives For Virtual Numbers


13. Having To Clean Up Someone Else’s Piss So The Person Behind Me Doesn’t Think I Did It


14. Doctor Appointment At 8:20, Currently 10:00, Still No Sign Of Even A Nurse

Annoying Things UncleGael

15. Laptop At The Movies


16. Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night


17. Went To See Isle Of Dogs Tonight. This Woman Brought Her ~2-Year-Old Son To This PG-13 Movie. When He Started To Cry, Instead Of Taking Him Out, She Put Peppa Pig On Her Phone On High Volume For Him To Watch, Which He Did For The Remaining Hour Of The Movie


18. The Hospital “Helping”


19. She Was Snapchating While Driving (40 Mph Road(64.4 Kph)). She Also Had A Little Brother In The Passenger Seat While Doing This. Hate How Often I See People Doing Stuff Like This (Photo Taken By A Passenger Of My Car)


20. The Way My Wife Opens Things

Annoying Things theDaninDanger