People Are Sharing Pics Of The Annoying Things

People are sharing photos of the most annoying things and those pics prove just how annoying everyday situations. Take a look at them!

1. Every Time


2. Unbelievable


3. The Worst Part About Job Applications


4. Why? Why Do I Need An Account Just To Look At Pinterest?

5. When A Plug Covers The Outlet Next To It


6. He Asked Me What The Hell I Was Taking A Picture Of. I Told Him I Was Taking A Pic Of The D-Bag That Needs To Occupy 2 Handicap Spots To Eat Some Fries


7. People Who Make This In Historical Places


8. People Who Leave A Train Like This

Annoying Things HMSBannard

9. $275 Required Spanish Textbook Is Loose Leaf Paper Wrapped In Cellophane

Annoying Things Mowenatl

10. This!