50 Photos Of Animals Prove That Having Bad Days Too

41. Just Thought I’d Check In On The Dogs


42. My Boyfriend Doesn’t Believe That His Cat Bullies Mine

funny animals bad dayslls1494

43. I Came In To Find My Tortoise Like This

funny animals bad daysPigglepoo

44. My Goat Broke His Trampoline And He’s Very Upset. Anyone Have A Small One For Cheap?

 animals bad daysharboringgrace

45. My Friend’s Dog Ate A Bee

 animals bad daysskyline_kid

46. Mistakes Were Made. The Dog Got Into The Weed Cookies. Money Was Spent. Doggo Is Fine. Owner Feels Dumb


47. Let My Dog Out Into The Garden, Two Minutes Later I Hear Her Barking And Go Outside To See This

funny animals bad daysNolanus

48. “There Might Have Been Some Miscalculations In My Plan” – Dog

 animals bad days


49. Owner Used The Wrong Shampoo (It’s Hair Dye)


50. Doggy vs. Dangernoodle