30 Hilarious Photos Of People Having A Worse Day

We all have had bad days. Both vile and soothing, here’s a compilation of the most hilarious bad day fails that are impossible not to laugh at.

1. I’m 49. Just Found This In My Mum’s Bookcase

bad day failsHalvere1600

2. Heckin Bots


3. It Was A Great Day Till This Moment


4. An Honest Mistake


5. When The Bakers Make The Mix Wrong And Don’t Realize Yeast Doesn’t Just Stop Working Because It’s In A Dumpster

bad day failsTELME3

6. Bakery Fail


7. This Is The Worst Picture Ever Taken Of Me

bad day failsTurnipTimeMyGuys

8. Priest Accidentally Live-Streamed Mass With Sunglasses And Hat Filter

bad day fails

9. Whipped Myself Into A Frustrated Rage Trying To Find My Drill For Half An Hour


10. Tiny Body Or Giant Head?