50 Photos Of Animals Prove That Having Bad Days Too

11. So This Happened (Yes, I Rescued It)

 animals bad daysGoAskAlice

12. Our Dog Opened The Upstairs Screen Door And Followed Our Cat Onto The Roof. He Required Consoling Before Coming Back Inside


13. We Actually Had To Help Him Down. Idiot


14. This Fat Fool Had To Be Rescued By Animal Control

 animals bad daysmysweetriot

15. A Friend Left Her Dog At Home And Came Back To This. Oreo Apparently Found A Bag Of Charcoal And Played With It


16. This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids Alone With The Dog


17. A Little Hamster With A Broken Bone, The Doctor Had A Hard Time Dressing It


18. My Friends’ Cat Got Its Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With This


19. I Kicked Over My Cat’s Milk And Had No Replacement. He Sat Opposite Me As I Ate My Dinner Looking At Me Like This


20. My Dog’s Facial Expressions When I Didn’t Turn Towards The Dog Park