40 Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

11. This Large, Weird Mushroom House Lamp From The ’70s Is One Of My Favorite Second Hand Finds.

amazing goods‎Boston Corbett‎

12. Thrift Store Painting To Which Someone Had Added A Dinosaur

Lisa Haslbauer

13. Who Remembers ….

amazing goodsScott Smith II‎

14. Just Had To Share This Charming Tissue Dispenser I Came Across In New York

Sarah Greene Reed

15. Yes. It Came Home With Me. Haven’t Read It Yet

Mags Denizkizi

16. Bought A Nice Frame At Goodwill For $0.50. Put A Photo In It And Kept Seeing A Smudge. Removed The Back And Held It Up To The Light And Saw This…

amazing goodsJordan Bem

17. I Literally Darted Across The Store When I Saw Her. She’s So Fancy I Love It

Adele Küntz

18. Finally… I Can Drink My Beer With Ladylike Class!

amazing goods

Judith van Es

19. I Don’t Know If These Qualify As Weird As Much As They Do Amazing. Found At A Small Local Thrift Store. I Picked Them Up Without Hesitation

Shalon Cade

20. I Found This At Goodwill! This Has Officially Become My Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet!

Jennifer Sanford