40 Surprisingly Amazing Goods That Are Sold In Thrift Stores

31. I Wanted To Give Y’all An Update On How Absolutely Perfect This Crazy Piece Looks In My Bright, Plant Filled Dining Room

amazing goodsChels Collins

32. Thank You To The Saint Who Donated This. It’s Now Thriving In Its New, Loving Home!

Summer McCusker

33. The Other Ladies Thought It Was Super Weird, As Soon As I Seen It I Knew It Had To Come Home With Me!! (Whether It Fit Or Not)

amazing goodsKristle McElroy

34. Found This Gem Today At Savers In St. Louis. Pretty Sure It’s Homemade (No Tags) And For $2.99, You’d Better Believe It Came Home With Me

Pam Marty

35. My Best Friend And I Wore Thrift Store Wedding Dresses To A Showing Of Bridesmaids. After The Show, This Woman Stopped Us. She Was The Original Owner Of Our Dresses. Both Dresses!!!

Tacky Joe

36. You Could Have Heard Me Squeal With Glee When I Walked Up On This Gem! I Grabbed It And Held On Tight (Granted No One Else Was Around At The Time)

amazing goodsDiane Elizabeth Dunn

37. In At Atlanta Area Goodwill, July 15. When I Told My Son I Didn’t Buy It He Said “What’s Wrong With You?!”

Jason Spears

38. Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Meg Brown

39. Found This At A Goodwill. Adorable Little Animals To Impale What A Weird Toy

Jenny Popples

40. Back In January, I Acquired One Of My Most Prized Possessions- A Life-Sized Cast Replica Of An Apatosaurus Femur Bone!

amazing goodsHillary Pierson