15+ Adorable Pets Who Act Like Humans

Have you noticed that sometimes animals act like humans? Here is a list of pets who probably were humans in a past life!

1. “Dad is exhausted after a long day with the kids.”


2. “This is how you sit on the sofa!”


3. “She just loves to sit like a human because why not?”


4. “My dad and his ’step-cat’ watching YouTube”


5. This dog missed his owners so much that he took off his leash and went to a store looking for them. Unfortunately, a guard wouldn’t let the dog in, so it just returned to its original spot and continued waiting.

pets act like humanzmeechk

6. This cat just loves warm places.


7. When you become more and more suspicious with age:

pets act like humanPatriotRossii2

8. What a perfect family!

pets act like humanhenrythecoloradodog

9. Take time to stop and smell the forest.

pets act like humansukiicat

10. “My girl posed for a photo right after giving birth…”


11. This dog looks like he’s in a photo shoot for a famous magazine.


12. My dad taking my old dog for a drive

pets act like humanslavetothesound

13. A cat that loves books

pets act like humanNovichokkkkkk

14. These dogs realize that sitting at a desk is essential for learning things well.

pets act like humanDV123

15. Kung fu master

pets act like humanbuxmoney