People Share Interesting Photos From The 20th Century’s Daily Life

31. A Parisian Woman With Her Cat In Her Cannabis Garden, 1910


32. Ladies At A Lesbian Club In Chelsea, 1953

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33. Young Oyster Shuckers, Port Royal, South Carolina, 1909

34. A Mostly Happy Family Outing At Chicken Bone Beach, The Segregated Section Of Atlantic City’s Beach Area, New Jersey, 1950s (Photographed By John W. Mosley)

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35. Reddit Seems To Love My Taita (Grandma), So Here Is Another One Of Her From 1950’s Beirut


36. 1976 vs. 2018; 42 Years And We’re Still Going Strong

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37. Police Officer Unaware Of The Imminent Danger, Chicago, 1959


38. The Wedding Rings Of My Ggm, Gggm, Ggggm, And Gggggm Oldest Dating Back To 1832!

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39. After Spending More Than Five Years In A North Vietnamese Camp, Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm Is Reunited With His Family At Travis Afb, March 13, 1973


40. My Grandpa’s Schoolhouse In Texas Ca. 1930’s. He Was Always Embarrassed Of This Picture Because He Was Too Poor To Afford Shoes

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