People Share Interesting Photos From The 20th Century’s Daily Life

11. 1945: The Day Daddy Came Home. Gunner Hector Murdoch Had Been Gone Over Four Years, Most Of It As A Prisoner Of War In Singapore. His Wife Rosina And Son John Hadn’t Known If He Was Dead Or Alive. He Got Home On His Birthday

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12. Sisters In Skirts, 1950s


13. This 1955 Photo Is One Of Walter Chandoha’s Most Famous Shots. “My Daughter Paula And The Kitten Both ‘Smiled’ For The Camera At The Same Time. …but The Cat’s Not Smiling, He’s Meowing”


14. London’s First Black Police Officer, PC Norwell Roberts, On Point Duty Near Charing Cross Station, 1968

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15. My Great Grandmother In The Early 1900’s. Thought She Looked Too Awesome Not To Share


16. My Parents’ Wedding Photo, Okinawa, 1964


17. My Great-Grandfather That Was Too Poor To Afford A Suit In Sicily, So He Had To Pose In Front Of A Cardboard Cut-Out, 1930s~

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18. My Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great-Great-Grandfather, And Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Ca 1918


19. My Grandmother And Mom Circa 1974. My Grandmother Took My Mother To National Parks Over The Course Of A Few Months, Just The Two Of Them

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20. My Grandpa (Left) And His Best Friend Willie Hall During The Korean War. Those Smiles Say It All