People Share Interesting Photos From The 20th Century’s Daily Life

21. A Sailor “Meets” His Baby For The First Time After Fourteen Months At Sea, 1940s

daily lifeAnyoldcrap

22. This Is Hazel, My Grandmother-In-Law. 1916


23. “Our Michael”, 1938

daily lifeufooooh

24. Grandma And Papa In 1937. She Passed Away Today At 100 Years Old


25. Last Picture Of My Great Uncle Kennith, Before He Drowned In The Buffalo River, 1940’s. He Gave His Life Saving My Grandpa

daily lifeteenietina182

26. My Mother Made Us Matching Dresses For A Fancy Party Back In 1954


27. Saw This Photo Posted Here.. Noticed I Have The Photo The Grandmother Took That Day. (Bought At An Antique Shop Years Ago In Phx)


28. This Is My Grandma Dorothy. She Was A Dress Designer In The 50s Which Always Made This Photo More Funny To Me. She Passed Away Today At Age 89. A Life Well Lived

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29. Me And My Best Friend Rocky Watching TV, 1959


30. Vintage Photo From A Family Album, Freeport, Il

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