20 Times Celebrities Photobombed Ordinary People

1. Aaaahhh The Queen Photobombed Our Selfie

celebrity photobombsjaydetaylor

2. Guy Wanted To Take A Pic In Front Of Microsoft Sign, But Then Bill Gates Happened

celebrity photobombsew00d

3. Just A Selfie With Bruce Springsteen

celebrity photobombsjaapgrolleman

4. Old Man With Cigar Spoiled The Photo With Celebrity

celebrity photobombstristashtuk

5. The Old Lady Is A Slash Fan, But She Doesn’t Know Slash Is Standing Behind Her

celebrity photobombsmeeganhodges

6. Photobomb Level Over 9000

celebrity photobombs

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger Photobombs Tourists In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

celebrity photobombsY-G2006,schwarzenegger

8. Fan Takes Photo With Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, Epic Photobomb By Bryan Cranston

celebrity photobombs

9. I Tried To Take A Photo With My Baby, But Some Idiot Has Ruined It

celebrity photobombsveragraziadei

10. Had Our Engagement Photos Photobombed By Dave Chappelle

celebrity photobombsTommeh92

11. When You’re Trying To Have A Serious Convo But Your Agent And Prince Harry Aren’t Serious At All

celebrity photobombswinnieharlow

12. An Epic Photo Bomb By Ken Jeong

celebrity photobombs

13. Nice Photobomb, Justin Trudeau

celebrity photobombsjaymini

14. Olly Moss, Myself, Daniel Danger, With Special Guest Photobomber Elijah Wood

celebrity photobombsMike Mitchell

15. Zach Braff, I Think You Photobombed My Newlywed Couple The Other Day In New York. Well Played

celebrity photobombssaschareinking

16. Sometimes You See Justin Timberlake In Concert… Sometimes He Photobombs You

celebrity photobombsewokseatfree

17. Photobomb Level: Presidential

celebrity photobombs

18. Norman Reedus Photobomb

celebrity photobombs

19. My Aunt Got Photobombed By Steven Tyler

celebrity photobombsavatarstateyipyipp

20. We Got Photobombed By Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman From Breaking Bad) At Coachella

celebrity photobombsarkyde