20 Photos For Those Who Always Say “I’ve Seen Everything”

1. Australian echidnas don’t care about forest fires. They just dig deep into the ground and sleep. Yes, this one had a close brush with fire, but it’s okay.

mildlyinteresting/© Echidna CSI

2. “A not yet released 2020 car being driven downtown, totally hidden”

mildlyinteresting/© purpleeliz

3. The ice from Antarctica shows the years just like tree rings. The dark ring is a layer of ash from a volcano eruption that happened 21,000 years ago

mildlyinteresting/© Heidi Roop

4. The wool of an Australian Merino sheep


5. The Surinam cent is a square coin


6. A “cute” mushroom


7. This cactus thats been growing out of my friends metal roof for 4 years now

8. “I saw a sink/stove/mini-fridge hybrid at a customer’s house.”



9. “I had a quadruple mini banana this morning.”


10. The way the river color splits in Pittsburgh