15 Images That Are Sure To Make You Look Twice

Taking the Ostrich Method a Little Too Seriously

For centuries now, there have been legends of people who had attained such a level of Zen through nothing but yoga alone that they had obtained the ability to make parts of their body disappear. This guy, who is performing yoga wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, is apparently the personification of these legends and has demonstrated that he has achieved yoga greatness by being able to bury his head in the butt of the lady in front of him and making it (supposedly) disappear. Looks like someone took the Ostrich method a little too seriously.

Images Look Twice

When did dogs get metro passes?

“Is that a dog riding a train? I should look again. Wait, what the heck?” This is quite possibly the train of thought of anyone who saw this photograph. Well, do not be deceived, little ones, as this picture is nothing but an optical illusion. Rest assured as the being shown in the image is not a human-dog hybrid, but an individual human and an individual dog.

dog woman

Contortion on the Seaside

Damn, this guy’s one heck of a contortionist. So this dude is capable of sitting in a completely uncomfortable position while putting on an amazing show and making himself look awesome in the process? Wow. Who wouldn’t want to be this clever contortionist on the beachside? And on top of everything, look at those fine, shaved legs of his.

Images Look Twice

That guy has some gut(s)

This picture can depict any one of two things, depending on what kind of person you are. The image can either represent a woman so concerned about her hubby’s health that she decides to give him a colonoscopy using a telescope, or a crazy woman forcefully pushing a telescope up a random guys’ butt in public. But through it all, you have to give the guy some credit – he can not only get through a colonoscopy, he can also do so in style.

Images Look Twice

Half Woman, Half Horse

Wow, is this guy a lucky duck or what? I mean’ he has managed to marry a gorgeous being who appear to be a mythical creature that is one part woman and one part horse. Or is the gorgeous woman simply riding the horse that is not visible in the picture? Well, both of those explanations make almost the same amount of sense.

horse bride