15 Images That Are Sure To Make You Look Twice


The kid in the picture, who goes by the name of Garry, is the proud owner of the longest arms in recorded history. Garry originally made a living out of being a member of the cast of the stage adaptation of Inspector Gadget and now, after overcoming a drug addiction, will appear on stage once again, although he will do so this time as a tree. Good for you, Garry!

Images Look Twice

The Pits

Oh boy, the poor guy on the left of this picture is having the worst day possible. Not only is the little guy literally ‘little’ (which would probably have caused him many problems), he is stuck in the pits of foam, and to top it all off, the guy on the right just dropkicked him out of nowhere!

Images Look Twice

Group Shot

When a person looks at this picture for the first time, they would immediately take note of the fact that one of the people in the shot appears to have no regards for boundaries. However, people should take a second look at the picture, as that is the farthest thing from the reality of the picture.

Images Look Twice

Carried Away

At first glance, it is quite difficult for a person to tell which of the two subjects in the photograph is carrying the other. However, although this is quite confusing, because of constant blurring of the lines of gender in today’s era, this photograph can actually be comprehended in a positive way and portrayed as a symbol of gender equality.

Images Look Twice

Hockey without a Head

Hockey can prove to be quite a violent sport, and this photograph almost perfectly portrays the violence that is exhibited in hockey matchups as this photograph shows a hockey player literally punching another player’s head off. However, viewers should rest assured as the headless player in the photograph is not actually ‘headless’. At least we hope he’s not.