Puzzling Pics Will Make You Look Twice

These puzzling pics will make you look twice, it’s hard to understand what’s happening exactly at first looking.

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1. There are 4 cats in this picture!

look twice© KittyInALabCoat / Reddit

2. The chairs seem to be floating.

© 800511 / reddit

3. I dropped my broom in the lake. The way my light shines, it looks like a screenshot of a glitch in some game.

look twice© ParaPixie / Reddit

4. Accidentally recreated my kitchen counters pattern on a plate while seasoning a burger

© Tiddleyjuggs / reddit

5. My dog’s extremely long back right foot

look twice© BatSniper / reddit

6. I snapped a photo of my dog through a window screen that looks like an old painting.

© PhatWalda / reddit

7. My doggo lost his head.

look twice© -_-_-_-_-_-___ / Reddit

8. Air bubble makes my daughter’s Taekwondo instructor look like he has an afro.

© justandswift / Reddit

9. Jourdain Station in the Paris Subway

look twice© MrSumNemo / Reddit

10. No legs

© Sherylize / reddit

11. Spooky skeleton horse — water stain I walked past

look twice© djdanyboy / reddit

12. Who’s a good dresser drawer?

© c8ertot / reddit

13. Long long toe

look twice© emsophii / reddit

14. What a lovely… river?

© louraj19 / Reddit

15. Floating Pepsi

look twice© zainulator66 / Reddit