33 Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever

1. Park In Vöcklabruck, Austria

creative-public-benchesRoland Barthofer

2. Bench In Kiev, Ukraine


3. Rotating Bench Keeps The Seat Dry After Rain

creative-public-benchesYanko design

4. Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment

creative-public-benchesTomasz Zakrzewski

5. The Blue Carpet In Newcastle, England

creative-public-benchesAnton Deque,Steve

6. Creative Park Bench, Massachusetts

creative-public-benchesSheila Kennedy

7. Bench By Alleswirdgut Architektur, Luxembourg

creative-public-benchesAllesWirdGut Architektur

8. Whale Tail Bench

creative-public-benchessanta barbarian

9. Typewriter Bench


10. Bench Out Of Pencils In Kiev, Ukraine

creative-public-benchesSveta BSveta

11. Off-ground, Copenhagen, Denmark


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