22 Ideas To Hide The Ugly Structures Present In Your House And Give It A Makeover

Having a clean and elegant looking house would definitely appeal the dwellers and visitors. Also, it sends people to negative moods and displeasure when there are ugly structures popping all over the house. However, we bring to you 22 awesome tips that are sure to give your house the required makeover and ensure that your house has wonderful interiors:

After feeding your dog, place the food and water inside a drawer or closet so that it is not visible in the open.

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Cover the AC Unit with a blackboard or hang something against it so that it gets hidden, without blocking the airflow.creative ideas

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Make use of stickers or vine clips to organize the wires and cords.creative ideas

Use curtains so that the messy and tangled wired and cords get hidden.creative ideas

Organize cords to appear like Bob Marley’s hair.creative ideas

Assign a desk for all chargers.creative ideas

Get creative with a tape on your washer and dryer.creative ideas

Cover a removable wallpaper on your fridge.creative ideas

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Make use of multipurpose stairs that can also be used as drawers.creative ideas

Hide your router.creative ideas

creative ideas

creative ideas

Cover eyesores using wall art or paintings.creative ideas

Cover the TV with a painting when you are not watching.creative ideas

creative ideas

Conceal the sides of a bath tub using stone art.creative ideas

Keep your jewelry behind paintings.creative ideas

Conceal wires behind picket fences.creative ideas

Get creative with wires.creative ideas

creative ideas

Enclose the bathroom of your cat inside a cabinet.creative ideas

creative ideas

Hide pipes in the courtyard using POP rocks.creative ideas

Cover the router with covers of old books.creative ideas

creative ideas

Use the under space beneath stairs to store.creative ideas

Use invisible book holders to place books.creative ideas

Create awareness using decals.creative ideas