33 Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever

17. Bus Stop Bench

18. Creative Bench

19. Swinging Bench By Neulhae Cho

creative-public-benchesNeulhae Cho

20. 888 Brannan Office Building In San Francisco

creative-public-benchesJoe Fletcher

21. Kansas City Public Library Stairs

KC Library parking garage stairs

22. Glass concrete Bench By Zoltan Bencze & Szovetseg’39, Pecs, Hungary

23. Soft Bench By Lucile Soufflet

creative-public-benchesLucile Soufflet

24. Lungo Mare Bench

25. Double Doily, New York, Ny

creative-public-benchesJennifer Cecere

26. Book Bench In Paris

tout est litterature

27. Benches With Big Hats, Marseille, France

creative-public-benchesVictor Vieillard

28. Robot Bench In Enschede, Netherlands

creative-public-benchesBoris Tellegen aka Delta

29. Creative Benches In New York

creative-public-benchesInterboro Partners

30. Bench On Acid


31. Garabatos, Series Of Benches By Pablo Reinoso

creative-public-benchesPablo Reinoso

32. Diy Urban Bench


33. Creative Public Bench