30 Wholesome Parents, They Made Their Kid’s Day

21. My Dad Is Adorable And His Bad Jokes Always Make Me Happy


22. This Mom Who Belted Out A Classic Song In Public Just To Cheer Up Her Kid


23. This Dad Who Overnighted Mangos To His Daughter Because She Forgot To Pack Them


24. This Is Amazing. A Mother’s Love Is Truly Great


25. This Dad, Who Took What He Learned And Ran With It


26. My Dad Has Been Peeling Oranges For My Lunch Since Kindergarten & On My Last Day Of High School I Got This Instead


27. A Dad Who Firmly Believes In Solidarity


28. My Mom Found My Book In Her Local Library And I Can’t Get Over How Proud She Looks


29. My Mom Sent Me This Picture Of Her And Our Family Dog Showing Their Pride. It Made Me Smile To Know They Support And Love Me And The Lgbt Community!


30. Guys, My Mum Wants You All To Cheer Up And Look At Cute Babies

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