What Do You Strongly Suspect But Have No Proof Of?



Prince Charles will never sit on the throne. I believe he made a deal with Queen Elizabeth that in exchange for being allowed to marry Camilla he gave up his right to sit on the throne. Prince William will sit on the throne when Queen Elizabeth dies.



That Bath and Body Works has like, 13 unique scents. Every couple of months they just rotate the scents in and call them something else.



Starbucks baristas intentionally spell your name wrong so you take a picture of it and post it on social media to give the company free advertising.



Some zoos have empty exhibits and just claim the animal is in there, you just never see them.



Historians +200 years from now will be able to look at all of all of the private messages and data of people who have been long dead.

Similar to how we can read private letters of people from 1700’s.


My dog sees supernatural events at our house.




I think my great great uncle was gay, but lived in a time where he had to hide that part of himself. He never had a wife or kids. He traveled a lot and was very into art. I asked my grandma a while back if she thought he was gay and she said he just wasn’t interested in having girlfriends.



That your phone and laptop mics are hot and sending data to certain groups.



I believe that apple never actually intended for anyone to buy their $999 monitor stand. It was just an excuse so they could invalidate all warranty claims for the Pro monitor.

“We can’t approve your claim due to the use of improper 3rd party equipment”.



That my five month old knows exactly when I’m about to fall asleep and starts crying just to screw with me.



That my English teacher didn’t read essays, and based grades on how we were in class.


That every single person who has submitted their DNA to their ancestor sites has officially damned themselves. That’s like giving away all the passwords to your devices. Our DNA is our coding, it is what builds us. If someone for some reason wanted that information for any reason that would likely ignore the integrity of bioethics, they could get to it. Rich person will die within 2 days without a kidney transplant? They could easily pay someone to check the database to find an individual who could potentially be the closest match. That person would have also submitted where they live. It would be pretty convenient for that person to randomly get terribly injured and be taken to the hospital where the rich person happens to be at. I know it sounds crazy, and there are 100 less crazy things people can do with out data. But with body autonomy rights starting to be taken away by some states, it’s essentially the government saying they own the rights to your body, it’s just not that obvious…for now. Y’all wait. Y’all mark my words.



That companies (such as smartphones companies) are holding back their best technologies waiting their competitors to release something new so they release something a bit better but not the best they can do




Mattress stores are a money laundering scheme. No one buys that many mattresses.


That Earth has been visited by one or more advanced civilizations, and may even be watching us stealthily.