What Do You Strongly Suspect But Have No Proof Of?



That a lot of businesses in my hometown are just money laundering operations. 25 nail salons in a town of 70,000? 3000 square foot DVD rental shop in the best block of downtown where commercial rents are very high? Dozens of $10 barber shops sitting empty all day but remaining open? Red flags all around.


That the “unsubscribe” method in spam emails, calls or texts are really just a way of confirming the number is attached to a real person.




That my oldest brother is actually my bio father.

It just makes no sense to me otherwise. I have a butt chin and no one else in my family does. This older brother was(is?) an alcoholic, drug addict, and just a big mess all around. He brought different women to my parent’s house every day and we would hear them f**k. It makes no sense to me that he came out of that with zero children. Makes less sense since he’s ~20 years older than me, which means my parents would have had me at a dangerously (for my mom) old age. I know it’s not impossible, but it just makes a lot more sense this way. Plus my parents always covered up for his wrongdoings so it honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

I once asked my mom and she got visibility upset. Didn’t even ask her outright, I just said I had a dream that they told me my brother was really my father. She got super mad and refused to even discuss or acknowledge my dream. Weird as hell.

I would still consider my mom, my mom. Wouldn’t consider my brother my dad if he were because he’s an ass. It’s just something I think is highly probable.



In my city something bad is about to happen.

I see a lot of mansions on sale, and houses with good location too. I think rich people know something that the rest of the people don’t.

Pretty paranoid, sorry.


Every episode of every reality show is either tightly scripted, or at least framed and re-shot so the producers can get the right amount of drama on the screen.




That only about 20% of people actually do any work. The rest just get by looking busy.



Queen Elizabeth will probably live up to 120 years and longer. She is one of the best fed and most cared person on Earth.

If we invented something for immortality, she likely took it already.


I believe my grand mother was a serial killer. She was married 7 times; each ending in a sudden death. She died in the 1980’s but everything is still suspicious and no one seems to know anything. I did find an article about her when she came to the US where her first husband died defending her after her ex-boyfriend climbed in her window in New York City. I also found evidence of her having been in prison before coming to the US.



That a relative is a CIA agent. She was in the Peace Corps, Vietnam era. Ever since she’s been a “world traveler,” somehow able to drop her work and “go hiking the Spanish version of the Appalachian Trail” or otherwise go to exotic locales. Sometimes she came back with injuries, “I fell as we were climbing some rocks.” Her son is in the agency as an employee, not a spy, and he’s married to a CIA translator.



I believe that many animal rescues self-perpetuate their own problem. Some rescues have VERY picky requirements – like salary minimums, yard size minimums, prior experience, age minimums, required seminars, required volunteer work, etc. Meanwhile you can just go to a breeder or a store, and be able to get a pet that day.

I understand wanting to make sure the animals go to a home equipped to care for the animal, but if it’s so hard to get a rescuee pet that it drives people to stores, then those shelters will only ever become more crowded. A parrot rescue near me requires 6 months of volunteering for 3 hours every week before you can adopt… and there’s a store nearby that just breeds and sells parrots. Which one would most people pick?