What Are Some Major Tourist Traps In Europe?


tourist trapsmetamongoose

The red light district of central amsterdam. The novelty of gyrating women in windows soon wears off, there’s no comfortable place to chill out, lary groups of men everywhere, it all just feels a bit seedy. Especially at night. Plenty of lovely places to see in the rest of Amsterdam.



Poland. Girls with umbrellas. Avoid pretty, young girls with pink umbrellas in many popular tourist destinations in many cities. They will invite you to a strip club, where they will offer you the first drink for free, which will get you intoxicated and then rob you of your cash (credit card money too).


tourist trapsaleriant

In Paris, don’t pay to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You’ll be shelling out 25€ and waiting when you can get the same view for free from the roof of Printemps Haussmann department store.



In England and Scotland (York, Edinburgh, London are the ones that spring to mind) there are these shops selling Harry Potter memorabilia, the shops are made out to look very oldy worldy but I can completely guarantee you that it is a total facade, unauthentic tourist trap selling overpriced tat


If you come to Portugal, my advice would be for you to avoid Albufeira at all costs!

Albufeira is nothing more than a british colony. You have british bars, british people, british food, etc.. I don’t hold anything against them. But if you want to visit Portugal, you will get a completely wrong idea of what the country is about. A big big part of Algarve is like that. If you’re coming to visit Algarve, try to avoid the bigger cities. I would recommend you to try Tavira, Aljezur or Sagres.



tourist trapsthepurplescope·

Throughout Italy, try to avoid restaurants on big, popular squares or near major tourist attractions. If the menu features multiple languages and/or photos of the food, that’s another red flag. If there are waiters outside telling you to come eat, it’s a universal sign that the restaurant in question is a tourist trap.



For Barcelona, avoid Las Ramblas. It’s just a street filled with stereotyped shops that have nothing to do with us (Frozen paella places, Flamenco shops, overpriced stuff, etc.), us locals avoid them like the plague, and would never eat around a 1km radius around them, other streets are much nicer, such as Passeig de Lluís Companys or Carrer d’Enric Granados.

Also as an fyi: la Sagrada Família is barely a Gaudí building. He only completed one of the facades, so while nice, it’s not really “his” building, and most of his other works are better and more representative of his style.


If buying fish and chips in a busy seaside town, go to a shop or cafe away from the seafront. In the quieter towns it doesn’t matter as much, and the seafront ones can even be better, but you will get ripped off on the seafront in the busy towns.

If you want to ride the London Eye, go after sunset if possible.

If you want to see Stonehenge, combine it with a trip to Bath. It isn’t worth seeing on its own.

York is less crowded and more atmospheric in the spring and autumn than in the summer.

If you’re going hiking in the Lake District or any national park, dress in layers, take adequate supplies of water and snacks and wear decent boots. Many popular routes are harder than you think and dozens of people die every year in the Lake District in particular. It is also quite easy to get lost in the mist on moorland, so take the right equipment.

If visiting a major city at the weekend, check if there’s a football match on, especially if it’s a derby between local rivals. If you have to go near the football ground that day, check the time for ‘kick off’ and the match’s end. You will be fine in terms of safety, but it will slow you down a lot and can sometimes be unpleasant depending on the match.



Madame Tussauds. I have never seen the appeal of the place yet tourists are (or at leased used to before the Bad Times) falling over themselves to get in.



tourist trapslucretiusT

Pisa. It’s basically just a photo opportunity, which is severely over-crowded by tourists and street vendors. Once you’ve taken the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa picture there’s not much else to do. Sienna, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and Lucca are all way better places to spend your time in the region.