Scaligero Castle: Sinking Castle of Lake Garda

Located in Sirmione, Italy, Scaligero Castle is one of the most unique castles not only in Europe but in the world. The castle is on the surface of Lake Garda and it served as the entrance to the city for centuries. Moreover, some parts of the castle are under the sea. Therefore, people also began to call it “the sinking castle,” a name which is as popular as the structure itself. One of the biggest reasons for the castle’s popularity is that despite the centuries that have passed, it is mostly in peak condition. The medieval identity of the castle is also intact as it is one of the most well-preserved historical buildings in Italy.

Scaligero Castle

Scaligero Castle is also famous for its fortifications or castle walls. These walls protected the castle and the city for centuries against various threats. In addition, it also served as a dock for the military ships as well.

Scaligero Castle and the lake

It is possible to divide the history of the castle into different eras. The construction began in the 13th century but even before that there was a Roman fortification, but only in ruins. Over the course of history, new towers, barbicans, courtyards, walls, and docks were added to the structure. Until the 16th century, when a nearby castle became more relevant to the navy, Scaligero Castle remained one of the most important defensive castles for Italy.

Scaligero Castle from above

The castle was also the subject of legends and folk stories. Long ago, the castle’s lord and lady were very much in love. However, during a stormy night, they took a knight inside who wanted help. He fell in love with the lady and tried to kidnap her but killed her when she refused. Seeing the dead body of his wife, the lord killed the knight too. Locals believe that the lord’s ghost still roams the castle whose screams can be heard.

Scaligero Castle and the city

Today, the castle is one of the most popular locations in Italy, attracting nearly half a million people every year.

Scaligero Castle walls
the castle and the lake
the castle interior
the castle interior walls