30 Unbelievable Things Women Did In The Past Just For Beauty

21. Wooden Swimsuits, 1929

22. Rubber Beauty Masks Used To Get Rid Of Wrinkles In The 1920s

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23. A Fruit Mask From The 1930s

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24. The Bra Claimed To Develop And Strengthen The Bust And Was Designed To Vibrate While The Person Wearing It Was At Work. Brussel, 1971

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25. You Have A Beautiful Face But Your Nose?

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26. Dimple Machine In 1936

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27. Women Who Had Just Given Birth To A Baby Weren’t Prohibited To Smoke In The Hospital. 1940s Ad

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28. Facial Warming Mask, 1940

29. A Young Woman Holds Her Arms And Legs In Four Water Bathes With Electric Current, To Improve Blood Circulation, Circa 1938

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30. Taking Precise Measurements Of A Beautiful Young Woman’s Head And Face With A Contraption Like An Instrument Of Torture, 1933

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