30 Unbelievable Things Women Did In The Past Just For Beauty

11. Freckle Removal. A Complicated Apparatus Is Employed. Eyes Are Covered With A Special, Air-Tight Piece, And The Nostrils Filled In. Breathing Is Done Through A Special Tube. Sensitive Parts Of The Face Must Be Treated Separately, 1930


12. A Perm In Germany In 1929

Everett Collection

13. A Policeman Judges An Ankle Competition At Hounslow, London, 1930

Prismatic Pictures

14. Max Factor’s 1931 Ice Mask

International News Soundphoto

15. Woman Tans Using A Suntan Vending Machine, 1949


16. Contestants In The Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant In Florida Wearing Masks To Obscure The Rest Of Their Faces, 1930


17. Customers Have Their Legs Painted At A Store In Croydon, London, 1941

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18. A Traditional Japanese Sign Of Beauty- Black Teeth, 17th – 19th Centuries

Pierre Dieulefils

19. X-Ray Of Female Torso With Corset (Left) And Female Torso Without A Corset (Right), 1908


20. Hair Dryer, 1920s

weird vintage things women