30 Pics Of Completely Normal But Only In Australia

21. Im Stuck In Europe Because Of Covid And Then My Family Took This Photo And Sent It From Their Camping Trip At Skenes Creek Victoria… Ok, Now I’m Really Homesick


22. Two Extremely Cute And Endangered Barking Geckos Waring Up On My Hand On A Cold Morning In Western Australia. These Are The Only 2 I’ve Ever Come Across So Was Pretty Awesome

australia weird thingsdrufus8282

23. Honey, There Is A Kid On Our Bug…


24. Don’t Expect Thanks From Loretta If You Find Her

australia weird thingsSydneyTom

25. As An American, You Guys Are Kinda Weird


26. This Tree In The Daintree Rainforest (Queensland, Australia)


27. Flushed All The Cane Toads Out Of My Brothers Dam. Some Of Them Took The Easy Way Out – Hitching A Ride On The Back Of A 3.5m Python


28. An Emu Just Cruising Around My Rural Towns Little Airport


29. Selling Point For Aussie School


30. This Roo In A River