30 Times People Had The Most Unfortunate Fails

11. Almost Died This Morning On The Highway. Bounced From The Left Lane Up In The Air And Impaled My Windshield

unfortunate failsacidwife

12. I Passed Out In The Parking Lot Of The Emergency Room, And They Sent An Ambulance To Take Me 15 Feet


13. Can You All Confirm For My Wife I’m Not Dumb And It Could Have Happened To Anyone?

unfortunate failsdarkpollopesca

14. Wife And I Saved For Years To Build Our Dream Cabin In The Woods. Less That Two Years Later An Abandoned House Across The Road Decided To Open Up A Tobacco Store


15. Received This Today. Kinda Resembles My Mental State

unfortunate failsNormallyeffusive

16. This Is My View From The Bathroom Floor, Looking At The Hole In The Ceiling I Just Fell Through


17. This Week Started With A Break Up, Then I Had To Get My Car Towed, Now I Spilled Spaghetti In My Shoe

unfortunate failsmillre01

18. When You Find Out The Hard Way That The Italian Restaurant’s Hand Sanitizer Looks Exactly Like Olive Oil


19. That’s Definitely What An Alpha Male Would Do

unfortunate failskingmxyi

20. Bought These Binoculars Specifically To Go To The Grand Canyon Today