40 Photos That Prove Two Cats Are Better Than One

31. These Cats Love Their Ramen Beds


32. My Cat And Her Little One (No Name Yet)

two catsstreamer85

33. My Entire Life, My Entire Life, I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment, I’ve Been Waiting To Adopt Cats


34. Planted A Tiny Wheatgrass Yard On My Balcony For My Boys

two catsSalivatingTiger

35. Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For Cats So They Could Stare At Him While He Works


36. Mama Pebbles And Her Child Primrose

two catsmhewitt03

37. Got A Second Cat To Keep The First One Company While We Were Gone. This Is The Result…


38. I Bought My Cats Child Sized Camp Chairs

two cats


39. My Beloved Cat Died On Sunday And I Wanted Someone New To Take Care Of. My Vet Called And Told Me That This Brother And Sister Duo Needed An Emergency Home Asap. It Was Fate. World, Meet Fitz And Georgie!


40. Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting, These Cats Are Fast As Lightning

two catshackerdaily