40 Photos That Prove Two Cats Are Better Than One

21. I Introduced My Fur Babies To My Newborn. Going To Be An Interesting Next Few Years


22. Relationship Goals

two catsDannyHallam

23. You Werent Supposed To Be Home Till 5pm Karen


24. Perfect Fit

two catsFlaminKeane

25. My Snowball And My Void. Finally Got Them Looking At The Camera Together


26. My Parents Didn’t Want A Cat, This Stray And Her Baby Decided Otherwise. Obviously My Parents Now Have 2 Cats

two catsPukkiepoentje

27. My Dog Is Afraid Of The Cats. They Have Learned That She Won’t Walk Near Them, And Enjoy Trapping Her. Earlier Today She Tried To Walk Up The Stairs…


28. Two Cats Cuddling Each Other In A Coast Of Istanbul

two cats


29. Look Ma! I Fabulous!


30. *sound Of A Can Opening*

two catshighchou