40 Photos That Prove Two Cats Are Better Than One

11. Two Cats Licking Glass Door

two catsv78

12. The New Cat Taught The Old Cat To Eat Like This…


13. After Trying To Kill Each Other For The Past Half Hour They’ve Decided It’s Now Cuddle Time

two catsVimtoBuzz

14. I Posted In A Thread About Silly Cats In My Apartment’s Community Board That My Cat Won’t Stop Looking Into My Neighbor’s Apartment. She Replied With The Most Adorable Photo I’ve Ever Seen


15. They’re Always Plotting

two catskem7

16. 2 Months Ago A Neighbor Asked Me To Investigate Why Scratching Sounds Were Coming From Behind Her Fireplace Firewall. I Cut An Inspection Panel Into The Drywall And To My Surprise I Found These Two, Abandoned, Dirty, Dehydrated And Hungry. Picture Taken At Approximately Three Weeks Post Rescue


17. Baby Don’t Leave Me!


18. My Black Cat Looks Like My White Cat’s Shadow

two cats


19. She Brought A Friend The Next Day


20. Meowfie

two catsAjKaramba