In the Empowering Series A Young Girl Of 3-Years-Old Is Dressed Up As Strong Female Role Models

Scout Penelope has surprisingly acquired an impressive arsenal of strong female role models at the age of three. The little girl emulates her well-known celebrities and her cancer survivor grandma in her empowering series of inspirational photographs.

In each picture that looks alike, photographs of female figures were successfully reinterpreted by Scoutt. So that the feel of the original images would be captured she dressed up and poses just like her subject, who include Farida Kahlo the iconic artist, beloved actress Carrie Fisher, Moana an animated Pixar heroine, Nonnie (her grandma), who battles with cancer recently also inspired the series. “Scout was very concerned when her grandma’s hair started to fall out and I wanted both of our minds at ease,” Ashley Lardon, Scout’s mother explains on Bored Panda. “There is a need for me to teach her and remind myself that women are fighters! Famous and fierce women were chosen to teach her about the strength that women portray.”

1. Malala And Scout

2. Carrie Fisher And Scout

3. Nonnie And Scout

Additionally, to help Scout cope with her family’s struggles, the photographs also cheered up Nonnie who is free from cancer now. It also taught Scout’s mom some lessons as well. “I have been taught much more lesson than I taught my daughter by this project,” Larson confesses. “I definitely want Scout to know that women are just as strong as any man. Honestly speaking, when she has grown old enough to understand the kind of strength she portrayed, no one would see women as delicate anymore. And I hope she would definitely be proud of who she is and who she will become in future when she looks back at this.”

4. Adele And Scout

5. Scout And Frida

6. Nonnie And Scout

7. Moana And Scout

8. Emma Watson And Scout

9. Ellen Degeneres And Scout

10. Betty White And Scout

11. Ellen Page And Scout