‘The Addict’s Diary’: Impressive Transformations Of Drug Addicts


The Addict’s Diary

My husband and I went to middle school together and very briefly dated after high school. We both had an addict parent and were party kids. Though we went many years without talking we both continued to grow in our addictions; becoming chained to heroin as well as meth. The photo of me in the hospital was my sixth overdose in five months. The mugshot of my husband was for distributing methamphetamines as well as for stealing. BUT GOD. Our paths were directed to Christian rehab programs that we both completed. And even though we lived in different places we both both ended up at an NA meeting in the same town we went to middle school together. We have now been married 8 months and have a beautiful 3 month old baby. If the two of us can get sober, anyone can. Thank you @theaddictsdiary for spreading awareness and for allowing us to share our story
Galatians 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


drug addictsThe Addict’s Diary

Recovery: a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
I started with my first sip of alcohol at the age of 9, which turned into daily drinking at the age of 16 or 17. I hid behind the bottle in search of any sort of answer at the bottom. For 11 long long years, and drinking whatever I could get my hands on, including mouthwash and Nyquill, I hit rock bottom many times.
I hurt and broke many relationships with close friends and family. Personal relationships. Years and years of building gone. My self esteem was gone and everything I thought of life was nothing but a joke. My life was a joke. Over 110k spent on alcohol and multiple car accidents and life flight and much more; I kept going. That didn’t stop me. I wanted to keep suppressing the feelings of my past.
Addiction is an ugly thing. It effects people from all walks of life, all countries around this world. Some you may never even know. People can mask it to the point you could never tell they were under the influence.
I let God show me my actions were my own personal choice. I chose to suppress it but he never left my side. Every day I thank The Good Lord for keeping me here one more day to be an example. I cheated death one too many times and I’m not proud of what I have done in my past.
Today is promised but tomorrow is never guaranteed is what I go by. Improve yourself and never stop to be a better person. 7 and 1/2 months sober, longest since I started.
Check in on your friends, becasue sometimes when people are in that distorted state of mind or under the influence, all they want is someone to be there for them. Don’t fuel the fire, but suppress the fire and eventually put it out. #TheAddictsDiary


The Addict’s Diary

My name is Brittney and I have 3 years 7 months and 5 days clean and sober. I went from a homeless junkie that lost her kids and everything she ever lived and owned to a severe meth addiction.
I turned my will and my life over on October 12th, 2017. I am now a full-time single mother, a full-time student, an alcohol and drug counselor, homeowner, dog, and cat mom, and the biggest advocate to those still struggling. We do recover!


drug addictsThe Addict’s Diary

My name is Isaiah Miller. Growing up the only thing I ever wanted to be was a professional wrestler. Wrestling was everything to me. After turning 16 in 2014 I found a wrestling training academy and was able to get my foot in the door of the pro wrestling business. (The first picture is of me sweeping out the ring during a show, the first time I’d ever been in a wrestling ring) Ever since then I wanted to be the champion of Pinfall Wrestling Association

Unfortunately a few months went by and my family moved from the area I was training at and we went back to our home town. There I was surrounded by synthetic marijuana and eventually started to use it. I was hooked. Getting high became my priority. Wrestling was still heavy on my mind but the sweet innocent Isaiah everyone knew became a addict, Willing to steal for his next high. It got to the point going a whole day of school because unmanageable. The sweats and sickness became to much. I dropped out in April 2016 after telling myself I would never do it.

After a couple attempts to get clean and move away I always found myself coming back. The days became the same, going one of two ways. Either feeling like death, fighting, arguing, feening for spice,or smoking it then consistently passing out through out the whole day as time passes by until one day something came over me. The life style wasn’t for me anymore. The high wasn’t fun anymore. March 21st 2017 I moved away with a friend I trained with in 2014 and began training again leaving behind my addiction.
After a year of training I became a professional wrestler. I became IJ Sweet. On April 17th 2021 I became the PWA Regional Heavyweight Champion.
I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life. I grew and learned so much from my addiction from the consequences of drug use but also the value of time. I went from wasting my days passed out high to living out a childhood dream.

Thank you all who took time to read my story. I hope it can help at least one person.


The Addict’s Diary

From Drug Addict To Successful Business Owner

These days Jessica Mays has made her name as a successful business owner here. Lady And A Broom specializes in making your home look pristine. The entrepreneur life has been a blessing for Jessica, but her life has not always been glamourous.

At a young age, Jessica started experimenting with marijuana. She started smoking “pot” at eleven years old. At the time, she felt like marijuana made her feel good. But, unfortunately, the high from “pot” could only do so much for her feelings, and things were about to get much worse. After a year of smoking weed, Jessica was at the point where she felt she needed something more substantial, something that would not just make her feel good, but in her mind, she needed something that would make her feel like she was worthy to others. So, at the age of twelve, Jessica started smoking meth along with marijuana. She was a master at hiding what was becoming an addiction from her parents. Her father was a truck driver that worked tremendously hard to provide for the family while her mother stayed home to take care of the home and children. “I hid all of my addiction from my parents. I was good at what I did, but at that time in my life, I would have found a way to get my high even if they found out. My parents are amazing, and I thank them for continuing to love me even through my toughest times in life.”

When Jessica was fifteen years old, she became pregnant. She was a kid fixing to have a kid. So she immediately quit smoking meth while she was pregnant with her first child. Dakota, twenty years old now, was welcomed into the world, but Jessica’s new baby wouldn’t stop her from needing her feel-good high. So she went right back to weed and meth. Smoking meth was starting to take its toll, and the high was becoming less effective. At age eighteen, Jessica would begin using a needle and quickly became an IV meth user.

Three years after having her first child, Jessica would find herself pregnant again, but it was three months into her pregnancy before she knew she was pregnant. Unfortunately, that is three months that she had meth in her system. Worried that the meth would hurt her baby, she quit using it until her second child was born. Breanna, now age seventeen, entered the world as a perfect baby girl. Thankfully, there were no health issues from the drug abuse. However, just a couple of years later, Jessica would find herself pregnant with her third and final child. She was able to stay clean for the entire pregnancy of her third child. Nicholas is now fifteen years old and healthy as an ox. “I thank God every day that all three of my children were not impacted by my choices when they were born. I was selfish, and my feel-good high was more important than my children at the time.”

When Jessica turned twenty years old, she suffered an overdose. She had shot up with dirty meth. She became very sick to the point her peers thought she would die. Finally, she blacked out and couldn’t see, but she could hear everything going on around her. One female at the home she was visiting suggested just taking her to a store and dropping her in the parking lot. Another person suggested shooting up a clean shot of meth to flush the dirty meth out of her system. In their drug-oriented minds, the decision was made to go with the second suggestion. Shooting up more meth to flush out the bad was better than being dropped off in a parking lot to die, right?

When Jessica was twenty-one, she found herself in a deep dark place called jail. She lost custody of her three children and was in and out of the Cullman County, Madison County, and Jefferson County jails for two and a half years. She continued using meth anytime she could get her hands on the drug until she met Ms. Frady. Ms. Frady visited the Cullman County jail regularly and ministered to the ladies. “I didn’t know Christ. I was lost and afraid. I knew I didn’t want my kids to grow up and hate me for my choices, but I didn’t see a way out until Ms. Fraddy started talking to me about God. I know it’s easy to say when you are in jail, but she led me to Christ, and my life was changed immediately. It was not easy, I craved the high often, but God would reel me back before choosing to make another mistake. Once I met God, I truly turned my life around and started receiving treatment. Treatment and God are certainly the way out. I just couldn’t see it through the haze of my highs. There is a way out, and you don’t have to live your life in those dark times. Keep trying and seek treatment and God. Your life can also be transformed,” said Jessica

Twelve years later, Jessica has continued to stay clean from drugs. She is thirty-six years old and owns her own home, vehicle, and business. She regained full custody of her after going through a year of hard work and treatment. We all have made comments and condemned the drug users. Some just simply don’t want to give it up, while others are wanting help. They just don’t know where to turn. Praise be to God that Ms. Frady found Jessica Mays when she was at the bottom of the barrel and gave her hope. She showed her there is a way out of the drug life. After that, you can only choose to seek help or decide to continue using drugs.

Jessica Mays is an inspiration to many people because of her story. From the time she was eleven years old, she thought she needed drugs to make her feel special, but in reality, she needed God. “I pray that one person can hear or read my story, and it changes their life. I don’t want the glory, nor do I want the credit for any good deed I do. I found my way out of that dark place through God, and I intend for Him to receive all the glory.”


drug addictsThe Addict’s Diary

I didn’t know I would lose it all. I wasn’t expecting to hit the bottom as hard and for as long as I did. I didn’t plan to lose my family, my sanity, my self respect and dignity. After a time, I did expect to lose my life, and I was OK with that.
And then it changed… I found a way out and latched on with everything I had. Today I have a beautiful family. I have my daughter back and gained a step daughter. I get to use my experience to help people today. If you think you’re too far gone, that you can’t do it- think again. The journey is long and the mountain is high, but one step at a time… keep climbing.
A beautiful life awaits you at the top


The Addict’s Diary

The people I hurt the most during my addiction was my family. Guess what? They were the only ones there for me when I needed help. I’m proud to say after ten years of active addiction I’m finally clean and sober!


drug addictsThe Addict’s Diary

I’m Mariana, 26, the before pic was when I was still injecting myself with up to a gram and a half of heroin and meth every single day. I spent two years this way. Two. The before pic was taken 300 days ago. Look at what 300 days clean has done for me now. Sobriety is absolutely hard, emotional, Lonely, exhausting physically and mentally draining and absolutely pushes you to limits you never knew you had. You will want to give up every second of every day, you will face your demons head on, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. And You know what? Every single moment is f**king worth it, when for the first time in so long you get to see and feel the beauty of life again, you get to see and feel the beauty of YOU again. I promise. If you are struggling, Please don’t give up. Take it one day at a time. That’s all. Just know that there truly is greener grass, but it only gets greener once you start and continue maintaining it properly everyday. You got this. We got this.


The Addict’s Diary

My name’s Angela & I used call myself a junkie. My addiction lasted 13 years, and during that time I lost absolutely everything and everyone I love; including my 3 children. Today I’m celebrating almost 3 years clean. My children are now grown up, and one has a beautiful child of his own . They’ve since forgiven me, and we’re very close. Our relationship is finally that of mother and child. It hasn’t been easy, and sometimesis still very hard
For me, recovery didn’t happen overnight, but it DID happen. That terrible, lonely, empty place inside my heart is whole once again. I’m so proud my children are back in my life, and that they know how incredibly fortunate I am. I have the most beautiful Granddaughter who I’ve been grateful to spend the last 3 years building an incredible bond with. She may have saved me. I now own my own vehicle, have a beautiful home, a good job and am in college for chemical dependency. I know it’s terribly cliché, but I really was “sick & tired of being sick & tired” , and if you are too, please try to get help. Our children grow up way too fast. I was able to make it happen. So can you. I’m sharing this picture because I want anyone who’s still out there sick and suffering to know your never to far from a different life. I’m not ashamed of this picture or the judgment that may come with it because it may save a life. That same person in that picture gave me the strength to be the person I am today


drug addictsThe Addict’s Diary

14 years ago today I had to make a very difficult decision, to either live or die. My life had completely fallen apart and with meth, I had lost everything. I hated myself an those that knew me then probably hated most things about me too. With some much needed hard love I was forced to change my life. I had to find God again and a purpose for living and I did!! Being sober was all I wanted so I could have my life back. It was a long, hard road but I worked daily an slowly regained myself. My kids have been my ultimate goal an they are my heart. I am truly blessed that God saw to it that I’m still here today for them. Can’t say it’s all easy cause the struggle is real but I make the best of everything I have an thank God daily!!