How To “Skin A Watermelon”! An Easy Trick For The Most Surprising Party Ever

If you’re looking for next, biggest party trick, you’ve found it.  The idea of learning how to skin a watermelon is the biggest idea out there with lots of people trying it for themselves.  It makes such a good and fun time for all ages, so it makes sense that it is a good idea to learn.  The video and photos below will show you all of the pertinent tricks on how to make it work for you. The best thing about this is that you will be able to bring a cool trick to impress people of all ages, and it’s a healthy snack to enjoy when the summer heat starts to get to you.  For those that are looking at this and nodding their heads, you aren’t alone.  Get out there and try this easy trick for yourself.

Take a watermelon and cut out the whole skin. To remove the edges, smooth it out with dish scrubbing pad


Take a same sized watermelon, cut it in half and take all the contents out


Now, you have the shell. Put them all together and you have your awesome fruit trick you can bring to the party.




Here is the complete video tutorial of this awesome party trick