This Nursing Home Uses Unusual Animals to Engage Residents

If you ever happen to visit the Life Center located in Nashoba Valley, a small nursing home situated in Massachusetts, you will be spellbound to see llamas as the first thing to see. As a part of their therapy program, they are using animals like these. It is the same case across different nursing homes around the country, that use animals such as chickens, llamas, dogs and fishes to aid them in their therapy programs and also make the residents cheer up interacting with the animals.

In the picture seen is Travis, a llama that is seen moving around in the hallway once in every few days giving kisses to the residents. Apart from this, Travis spends time with VJ, which is another llama present in the pastures of the nursing home.

As per research, animal therapy programs reduce the agitation levels and also increases the chances of participation by residents.