Tech Support Shares The Worst Cases They’ve Seen On The Job

21. The Way The “Electrician” Repaired His Own Mistake At My Home Without Notifying Me (Optical Fiber Entry Link). “They Shouldn’t Notice”

22. Playstation 2 Slim “Doesn’t Turn On” Also Seller Had No Idea What Happened To It

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23. “.. No I Have Never Dropped My Phone In Water Or Anything.”

funny tech

24. Found This On A User’s Desk

25. Student Spilled Nail Polish On Computer. Mother Tried To Clean It And Washed Off 26 Keys

26. Wife Spilled Coffee On Laptop…

27. Another Day In Paradise


28. That’s Not Good…

29. Why Would Anyone Make This?

30. Mom, Can We Get Business-Grade Ethernet Switch? – No, We Have Business-Grade Ethernet Switch At Home. – Business-Grade Ethernet Switch At Home:

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