Tenants Unearthing Greedy And Delusional Landlords

The subreddit titled LandlordLove is dedicated to unearthing greedy and delusional landlords. Here are some landlords neglecting their tenants.

1. Yikes


2. Be Aware Of Your Rights, Everybody

bad landlordsreddit.com

3. My Landlord Pretended To Do Work The Flat But Ended Up Installing This 360° WiFi Surveillance Camera Which Also Records Audio Without Telling Me About It


4. Landlord Would Like Picture Proof The Hot Water Isn’t Working

bad landlordsreddit.com

5. Landlords Are Among The Worst People Ever To Exist


6. Imagine Paying For Someone’s Negligence

bad landlordsariellec

7. Mask Off


8. My Landlord Told Me He’d Pressure Wash My Deck


9. Wall Of Shame

bad landlordsKarisaMaxwell

10. Landlords Don’t Deserve Rights