Tech Support Shares The Worst Cases They’ve Seen On The Job

11. It’s Actually Fully Functional

12. So..this Came In Today..and It’s Glorious

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13. I Don’t Work In Tech. My Hospital Has Some Occasional Network Issues…I’ve Finally Seen Behind The Curtain

funny tech

14. Shared On Facebook. Why Is My Mouse Not Working?

funny tech

15. This Must Be The Work Of A Madman

funny tech

16. Saw This In The Basement Of A Mini-Mall

17. This “Watercooled” PC I Found For Sale Online

18. Coworker Had An Important Thumb Drive Fail On Her (Solder Pads Tore Off)… Just A Little Bit Of Janky Soldering And I Was Able To Recover The Files Just Fine


19. To Ensure Maximum Keyboard Stability, Hp Decided 57 Screws Was The Magic Number For The X360

20. Crispy