Tech Support Shares The Worst Cases They’ve Seen On The Job

Tech Support Gore is a subreddit where tech support employees share the worst cases they have seen on the job. Here are some of the funny ones!

1. Mouse

2. When They Get Creative With The Only Working Audio Output They Have

3. Customer Describes A “Slight” Burning Smell

4. Don’t Use Lemonade To Clean Your Mouse. I Thought The Acidity Would Clean Off The Buildup Of Crumbs And Cheeto Grease But It Just Attracted These Ants. I Left Home For 2 Days, Just To See This On My Desk

5. Go Check The Switch Closet. We Think Something Might Have Gotten Unplugged Somewhere

6. A Dove Made A Nest In The Projector In My Classroom

7. Improvised Way To Supply Power

8. Server Is Down!

9. Trouble Ticket Read “After Office Renovation Internet Doesn’t Work”

10. While We’re Posting Pierced Fiber Lines